• Affinity


    40 wt. variegated polyester

    Affinity’s one-inch color-repeats are the perfect touch for when you want to add a little extra pizzaz.
  • Glide

    40 wt. trilobal Polyester Glide utilizes special technology to capture a beautiful luster within the fibers of a colorfast polyester.  Advanced Trilobal Technology will maintain consistent tension throughout each and every spool.  The results are high quality, consistent stitch formation, less thread breaks, and fewer machine stops.  Glide runs virtually lint-free through your machine’s needle and tensioners.
  • Jar of 10, size M pre-wound bobbins

    40 wt. trilobal Polyester Magna-Glide Delights are produced using Glide colors, giving you a perfect match on the bottom and top of every piece you stitch