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See below for a list of services.  Have unique quilting needs?

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Edge to Edge Quilting ($0.03/sq. inch and up)

Choose from hundreds of edge to edge patterns.  Prices depend on the density of stitching and the complexity of the design.

Custom Quilting ($0.05/sq.in. and up)

Custom quilting can be the perfect way to highlight the piecing and applique on your quilt.

Heirloom Quilting ($0.08/sq.in. and up)

This style of quilting typically uses stitch-in-the-ditch and heavy background quilting to create contrast between the main features of the quilt. Background quilting can include micro-stippling, cross-hatching, echo quilting, feathers, and other background filler designs.  The price depends of the density of stitching and the complexity of the design.


Once I’ve stitched your quilt together, the only thing left to do is bind the edges. Attaching a pre-cut double-fold French binding to the front side of your quilt costs $0.15/linear inch. Machine stitching or hand stitching to finish the binding costs an additional $0.20 and $0.30/linear inch respectively.

Small Backing Charge ($15-$25)

Quilting your top is made so much more difficult and time-consuming when the backing is too small. Please try to remember to make your backing at least 3” larger on all sides, and do your best to square the edges (not like the photo above!).

Variegated/Specialty Thread Charge ($10-$30)

Due to the additional cost of specialty variegated threads, there will be an additional thread fee when these threads are used.  The fee will depend on how much thread is used.

Minimum quilting fees are $75 for edge to edge and $100 for custom.

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